Coin On Motifs of Lesya Ukrainka`s Work ``The Forest Song`` 20 грн., market price 24.09.2021

За твором Лесі Українки `Лісова пісня`
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Аверс монеты On Motifs of Lesya Ukrainka`s Work ``The Forest Song``
Obverse: above there is the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine with the semicircular inscription НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); to the left there is a portrait of Lesya Ukrainka with indication of her life years 1871/1913 and a gilded quill pen with the inscription ЛЕСЯ/УКРАЇНКА (Lesya/Ukrainka) thereover; to the right there is depicted a viburnum branch with the coin issue year indication 2011; below there is the coin face value ДВАДЦЯТЬ ГРИВЕНЬ (twenty hryvnias).
Реверс монеты On Motifs of Lesya Ukrainka`s Work ``The Forest Song``
Reverse: in the foreground there is a lyric representation of Mavka holding in hand a willow branch being a part of `a century-old heavily wooded forest`; in the dark background there is depicted Lukash who, leaning against a birch tree, is playing the sopilka whose sounds awaken Mavka. Below to the right there is the legend ЛІСОВА / ПІСНЯ (forest / song).

The coin is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of birth of Lesya Ukrainka, a Ukrainian poetess, playwright and public figure, as well as to the centenary of writing her drama `The Forest Song`. Lesya Ukrainka`s multifaceted talent has revealed itself in the most diverse spheres of the literary work - she has been a lyric poet, playwright, prose writer, literary critic and publicist, translator and specialist in folklore. One of the most remarkable dramatical pieces of Lesya Ukrainka is `The Forest Song`, an extravaganza drama, based on the rich Volhynian folklore and written in rhythmically beautiful verses; it asserts the human dream, winged sentiments, triumph of amenities of the life over the spiritual impoverishment.

28.02.201120silver (Ag 925)62.2504 000 шт.

Discussion coins On Motifs of Lesya Ukrainka`s Work ``The Forest Song`` (7)

  Вася, 19 января 2021, 9:28  
по красивше эта будет если сравнивать с 2021 годом
  Вася, 19 января 2021, 9:29  
думаю и цена и на эту вырастит
  Вася, 13 февраля 2021, 10:59  
2021 года монета и рядом не валялась с этой красотой
  korn, 13 февраля 2021, 11:30  
И месяц тому она стоила 2300
  AquaSlawko, 3 сентября 2021, 10:34  
супердолгосрочная инвестиция - 10 лет выдержать, чтобы продать в 2 раза дороже ))
  W_W, 3 сентября 2021, 10:52  
AquaSlawko, ага, а через 10 років вийти по курсу долара в 0, або в мінус ))))
  seva79, 3 сентября 2021, 11:38  
Тогда собирайте лучше доллары.

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