Coin Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 10 UAH, market price 04.02.2023

Військово-морські Сили Збройних Сил України
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Obverse of the coin Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
The obverse of the coin features: in the center on a mirror background – the emblem of the Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, at the bottom left of it – the small State Coat of Arms of Ukraine, at the bottom right – denomination 10 and the graphic symbol of the hryvnia; inscriptions: MILITARY AND MARINE FORCES OF THE ARMED FORCES OF UKRAINE (in a semicircle at the top), 2022/UKRAINE (at the bottom); logo of the Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine (to the right of the denomination).
Coin reverse Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
On the reverse of the coin, on the background of stylized waves, various types of ships are depicted as a symbol of the Armed Forces Navy, which, in addition to surface forces, also includes naval aviation, marines, coastal artillery and other components; above, against the background of the marked southern sea borders of our state and the exclusive maritime economic zone of Ukraine - the inscriptions: LOYALTY,/COURAGE,/STRENGTH.

Dedicated to a separate type of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed to deter or repulse, in cooperation with other types of the Armed Forces, other military formations and law enforcement agencies, armed aggression against Ukraine from the sea and in coastal directions, protection of the sovereignty and state interests of Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is an army of indomitable and unconquered fighters, true patriots who, in the conditions of war, demonstrate courage, bravery, fortitude, will and a great desire to defeat the enemy. Today, millions of Ukrainians support and help Ukrainian defenders, believe in them and our joint victory!

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