Coin XXI Olympic Winter Games 10 грн., market price 21.09.2021

XXI зимові Олімпійські ігри
silver (Ag 925)
1 075 грн.

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Аверс монеты XXI Olympic Winter Games
On the coin obverse above there are the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine and the semicircular legend: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); below - a winter composition symbolizing the motion, the coin issue year 2010 (to the right) and the coin denomination 10/ГРИВЕНЬ (10 hryvnias) - against the relief background downmost.
Реверс монеты XXI Olympic Winter Games
On the coin reverse above there is depicted a conventionalized holographic snowflake with the numerals XXI thereon and images of different sports representatives surrounding the snowflake: of biathlon, freestyle skiing, figure skating, speed skating, etc. together with the legends ЗИМОВІ ОЛІМПІЙСЬКІ ІГРИ/ВАНКУВЕР 2010 (Winter Olympic Games/Vancouver 2010).

The commemorative coin is dedicated to an important event of the international sports life, i.e. the XXI-st Olympic Winter Games in the city of Vancouver (Canada).

25.01.201010silver (Ag 925)31.1398 000 шт.

Series: Sport

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