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Чайка Дніпрова
silver (Ag 925)
685 грн.

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Obverse of the coin Dniprova Chaika
Obverse: above there is the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine with the semicircular legend НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); lower there is a conventionalized composition symbolizing Dniprova Chaika`s creative work and representing a girl near the sea; below there is the legend indicating the coin face value and issue year П`ЯТЬ ГРИВЕНЬ /2011 (five hryvnias / 2011).
Coin reverse Dniprova Chaika
Reverse: against the dark background there are a portrait of the authoress and the inscription ЛЮДМИЛА ВАСИЛЕВСЬКА (Liudmyla Vasylevska) to the left as an arch; under the portrait there are the legends ДНІПРОВА / ЧАЙКА (Dniprova / Chaika) and 1861/1927 (her life years); to the right against the light background there are the lines from Dniprova Chaika`s verse `The Star` `…Тої зірки, / того світу / Повік не забуду!` (That star, / that light / (I shall) never forget) together with the conventionalized image of the gull thereunder.

The coin is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of birth of Dniprova Chaika (the pen name of Liudmyla Oleksiivna Vasylevska meaning the Gull of the Dnieper). She wrote quite a lot of short stories and poems as well as librettos of many children`s operas set to music by M.Lysenko, including such as `Koza-Dereza` (Naughty Little Goat), `Pan Kotskyi` (Skilful Puss), `Winter and Spring`.

25.10.20115silver (Ag 925)15.55335 000 pc.

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