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Сергій Остапенко
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Аверс монеты Serhii Ostapenko
On the coin obverse in the centre there is depicted the Small National Emblem of Ukraine, thereunder -: the year of coinage: 2006; around the coin circumference there are the inscriptions: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine) (above), ДВІ ГРИВНІ (2 Hryvnias) (below) and the logotype of the Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine.
Реверс монеты Serhii Ostapenko
On the coin reverse Serhii Ostapenko is potrayed against the background of conventionalized ornament there are the inscriptions to the left: СЕРГІЙ ОСТАПЕНКО (Serhii Ostapenko), below within the semicircke: ЛЮТИЙ - КВІТЕНЬ1919 (February - April 1919) and ГОЛОВА РАДИ НАРОДНИХ МІНІСТРІВ УНР (Chairman of the Council of People`s Ministers of the UPR).

The Commemorative coin is dedicated to the 125th anniversary of birth of Serhii St. Ostapenko (1881 - 1937), a Ukrainian statesman, economist, professor. Serhii Ostapenko was the consultant on economic issues of the Ukrainian People` Republic delegation in Brest-Lytovsk during the negotiations with Germany, Austria and Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey. He was the minister of trade and industry (26.12.1918 - 11.02.1919), the Chairman of the Council of People`s Ministers of the UPR (13.02. - 09.04.1919).

30.10.20062nickel silver12.83130 000 шт.

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