Coin 2006 Football World Cup 2 UAH, market price 15.08.2022

Чемпіонат світу з футболу 2006
nickel silver
117 грн.

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Obverse of the coin 2006 Football World Cup
On the coin obverse there is engraved a ball in the goal; above there are the small State National Emblem of Ukraine and the inscription: УКРАЇНА (Ukraine); on the right of the goal there are the inscriptions: on the German silver coin: УКРАЇНА / 2 / ГРИВНІ / 2004 (Ukraine/ 2 Hryvnia/2004). Besides, there is the Mint logotype of the National Bank of Ukraine.
Coin reverse 2006 Football World Cup
On the coin reverse against the background of the goal, there are depicted a football player and a goal-keeper with a ball playing the game; beneath there are inscriptions: ЧЕМПІОНАТ СВІТУ З ФУТБОЛУ, НІМЕЧЧИНА, 2006. (FIFA World Cup/ Germany/ 2006)

The coin is dedicated to the 2006 FIFA Football World Cup which is to take place in Germany

27.02.20042nickel silver12.83150 000 pc.

Series: Sport

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