All series copper-Nickel alloy

CategoryTotal coinsTotal cost
2000 Years of Christmas2371
Rebirth of Ukrainian Statehood246 068
Ukraine's Armed Forces5232
Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine12121 105
Higher educational establishments of Ukraine293 809
Heroes of Cossack Age2456
Revolution of Dignity3240
Hero-Cities of Ukraine41 360
Ancient cities of Ukraine356 644
Other coins7018 957
Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine81 896
Maritime History of Ukraine3426
On the Edge of Millenniums2640
Folk Musical Instruments4776
Folk Crafts of Ukraine7599
Oblasts of Ukraine2911 351
Ritual Holidays of Ukraine72 271
Architectural monuments of Ukraine161 394
Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945112 053
Airplanes of Ukraine52 021
Sport285 874
Україна космічна177
Ukrainian Heritage111 277
Flora and Fauna256 461