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Добро - дітям
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Аверс монеты Kindness to Children
On the coin obverse within the frame of an ornament made of vegetables and birds there is depicted the small National Emblem of Ukraine, above which there is the inscription: УКРАЇНА (Ukraine). Underneath the Emblem there is the inscription: 2 ГРИВНІ (2 hryvnia). Below there is depicted a nest with three nestlings, underneath there is the coin issue year - 2001.
Реверс монеты Kindness to Children
On the coin reverse in the composition centre there is a depiction of a stream uniting water, nature and the sun; on its both sides there are figures of a boy and a girl who are rejoicing over this life-giving stream; beneath there is an open book and a ribbon with the inscription ДОБРО - ДІТЯМ (Kindness to Children).

The coin is dedicated to the Day of Children Protection

24.05.20012nickel silver12.831200 000 шт.

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Ігор, 26 ноября 2016, 11:58
Виправте! Добро дітям - тираж 100 тис. , а не 30 тис. (на сайті національного банку вказано 30 тис. , але це помилка) насправді 100 тис. тираж цієї монети.

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