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Українська лірична пісня
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Аверс монеты Ukrainian Lyric Song
Obverse: above there is the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine with the semicircular inscription НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); thereunder is depicted a periwinkle flower wreath with ribbons, in the centre whereof are the coin face value 5/ГРИВЕНЬ (5/hryvnias) on the German silver coin and the coin issue year indication 2012. On the German silver coin to the left of the wreath, over the ribbons, there is the National Bank of Ukraine Mint logo.
Реверс монеты Ukrainian Lyric Song
Reverse: within a conventionalized circle of small countryside houses, fences and flowers, against the dark background, there are depicted a girl with a shoulder-yoke and a young man; along the coin edge, against the light background, there are conventionalized periwinkle flowers; below there is the legend УКРАЇНСЬКА/ЛІРИЧНА ПІСНЯ (Ukrainian/Lyric Song).

The commemorative coin is dedicated to the Ukrainian lyric song, melodious, affecting and touching, enriched with visual epithets, combining the joy and tranquil melancholy, celebrating the love and human relations, imbuing with its beauty and energy; it may be termed the treasury and soul of our people.

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  dmitrii_dronov, 11 апреля 2020, 14:04  
продам по 90грн 0661013561 вайбер. есть 11шт

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