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Аверс монеты International Year of Forests
Obverse: above there is the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine with the semicircular inscription НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); in the centre there is depicted a conventionalized tree in blossom having arm-like branches and the heart; to the right - the legend 2011 (the coin issue year); below there are the logo of the National Bank of Ukraine Mint and the semicircular inscription П`ЯТЬ ГРИВЕНЬ (five hryvnias).
Реверс монеты International Year of Forests
Reverse: there are depicted hand-like branches extending to the Sun; along the coin circumference there are the legends МІЖНАРОДНИЙ РІК ЛІСІВ (International Year of Forests) above and ЗБЕРЕЖЕМО ЗАРАДИ ЖИТТЯ ((We shall) salvage for the sake of the life) below.

The commemorative coin is dedicated to the International Year of Forests, i.e. 2011, declared such by the United Nations. The forests are a type of natural landscapes with corresponding vegetation, fauna, microorganisms, depending upon one another in their evolution. They are a component of the national natural resources of the country, ponderable for the life harmony of human beings.

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