Coin Year of the Cat (Rabbit) 5 UAH, market price 27.03.2023

Рік Кота (Кролика)
nickel silver

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Obverse of the coin Year of the Cat (Rabbit)
On the obverse side of the coin is placed: at the top - a small State Coat of Arms of Ukraine, to the right of which is the inscription UKRAINE in a semicircle; 12 symbols of the Eastern calendar are depicted in a circle on a mirror background, in the center of the circle - a stylized clock with an arrow pointing to a rabbit - a symbol of the year, under the arrow - 2023; at the bottom left, the inscription in a semicircle 5 HRYVNA; on a matte background, the symbols of each season stylized as Ukrainian vytynanka are depicted: a snowflake (above), a flower (right), a berry (below), a leaf (left); logo of the Banknote and Mint of the National Bank of Ukraine (to the left of the rabbit symbol).
Coin reverse Year of the Cat (Rabbit)
The reverse of the coin depicts a stylized symbol of the Eastern calendar of 2023 - a rabbit surrounded by stylized symbols of each season: snowflakes (top right), flowers (bottom right), fruits (bottom left), branches (top left).

Dedicated to one of the animals of the twelve-year eastern calendar.

01.12.20225nickel silver16.54350 pc.

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