Coin 925 years of the City of Lutsk 5 UAH, market price 27.03.2023

925 років м.Луцьку
nickel silver
190 грн.

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Obverse of the coin 925 years of the City of Lutsk
On the obverse above there are: the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine and the semicircular legend НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); there is depicted the Main Entrance Tower of the Castle being the most prominent landmark of the city; to the left there is the coin face value 5 ГРИВЕНЬ (5 hryvnias); the coin issue year indication 2010 and the logotype of the National Bank of Ukraine Mint are on the right.
Coin reverse 925 years of the City of Lutsk
On the reverse there is depicted the city panorama as it is viewed from the height of the Castle Main Entrance Tower; over it there is the Coat of Arms of the city; below, against the dark background, there are the legends: 925/РОКІВ/ЛУЦЬК (925/years/Lutsk).

The commemorative coin is dedicated to one of the oldest cities of Ukraine mentioned for the first time in the Hypatian Codex under 1085. Lutsk was the capital of an appanage principality forming a part of Volhynia and later on of Galicia (Halych)-Volhynia. The city is beautified by an outstanding architectural monument of Volhynia, the masonry High Castle founded by Lubart (Liubartas), the last prince of Galicia-Volhynia, in the XIV-th century.

28.07.20105nickel silver16.543545 000 pc.

Discussion coins 925 years of the City of Lutsk (2)

Діма, 27 июля 2017, 22:18
Да, до 200 грн їй далеко. А на вигляд норм
Діма, 28 июля 2017, 18:08
Хоча на монеті вежа, як на купюрі 200 грн, але монеті до 200 грн далеко. Я про це Вася

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