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Учасникам бойових дій на території інших держав
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Obverse of the coin Ukrainian Peacekeeping Soldiers
Obverse: there is Ukraine`s small coat of arms, above which is the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine); against a smooth background is the following stylized composition: against the backdrop of a globe are the continents and the coin’s face value 10/ГРИВЕНЬ (10/hryvnias) (below); to the left is the coin’s issue year 2019; to the right is the mint mark of the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works; above is the following semicircular legend: УЧАСНИКАМ БОЙОВИХ ДІЙ НА ТЕРИТОРІЇ ІНШИХ ДЕРЖАВ (Ukrainian peacekeeping soldiers).
Coin reverse Ukrainian Peacekeeping Soldiers
Reverse: surrounded by a floral ornament, against a smooth background, is the following legend: ОБОВ’ЯЗОК/МУЖНІСТЬ/ ПАМ’ЯТЬ (duty/valor/memory).

This coin celebrates Ukrainian soldiers who have participated in peacekeeping operations. Since 1992, about 40,000 Ukrainian servicepersons have participated in international peacekeeping operations. There are almost 330,000 reservists in Ukraine, most of whom are Afghanistan veterans. Military officers who have performed peacekeeping operations in Vietnam, Syria, Angola, Mozambique, Egypt and other countries constitute a special group of military veterans.

26.12.201910сплав на основе цинка12.4301 000 000 pc.

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