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Аверс монеты The Peacock
Obverse: above are Ukraine`s small coat of arms, the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine), the coin issue year 2016 and the coin face value 5 ГРИВЕНЬ (5 hryvnias); in the center, against the background of a miniature from Sviatoslav`s collection of texts dating back to 1073, is a gilt image of a peacock that comes from the same miniature.
Реверс монеты The Peacock
Reverse: there is an image of a peacock from a miniature in St. George`s Gospel (A.D. 12th century), under which is the vertical legend ПАВИЧ (peacock).

The coin celebrates the peacock and its representations in Old Rus books, which were illustrated and decorated with patterns comprising figures of people, animals, birds, etc. The calligraphers and miniaturists who produced the illustrations in Old Rus books had an impressive artistic taste.

09.11.20165silver (Ag 925)15.55334 000 шт.

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