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Данило Галицький
silver (Ag 925)
1 244 грн.

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Аверс монеты Danylo of Halych
On the coin obverse within the frame of an ornament of the capitals of 12th century Halych stone church with the emblematic figures of a bird and a lion which are the symbols of the cities of Halych and Lviv, there are depictions of the small National Emblem of Ukraine and the conventionalized four-line inscriptions: УКРАЇНА, 10 ГРИВЕНЬ, 1998 and the indications of the precious metal, its fineness and the coin weight in fineness
Реверс монеты Danylo of Halych
On the coin reverse against the background of a roll there is a three-view composition, consisted of the portrait depiction of Prince Danylo, wearing the ceremonial attire of a warrior, as well as old-Rus buildings and Prince`s troops. On the coin there is a legend: ДАНИЛО ГАЛИЦЬКИЙ 1205-1264 (Danylo of Halych) (above in two lines) and КНЯЖА УКРАЇНА (Princes of Ukraine (underneath in two lines).

The coin is dedicated to Danylo of Halych (1201-1264), the Duke of the Grand Duchy of Halytsien and Volynien

01.07.199810silver (Ag 925)31.13910 000 шт.

Series: Ukraine

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