Coin Aeneid 100 грн., market price 18.10.2021

золото (Au 900)
35 555 грн.

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Аверс монеты Aeneid
On the coin obverse there is a depiction of the Small State Emblem of Ukraine, surrounded by the antique and Cossack attributes: two lyres, a helmet, a sabre, a flask and a quiver with arrows. On the coin there are the following inscriptions: УКРАЇНА and 1998 ( above); 100 ГРИВЕНЬ, Au 900, designation of precious metal and 15,55, its pure weight (underneath, in two lines)
Реверс монеты Aeneid
On the coin reverse there is the composition, consisting of grotesque images: Aeneid and Didona, the heroes of the poem, standing near the central figure of the Cossack playing bandura (a folk Ukrainian instruments) on the background of a landscape. On the coin there are the following inscriptions: ЕНЕЇДА - above; І.КОТЛЯРЕВСЬКОГО and 200 РОКІВ - underneath, in three lines.

The coin is dedicated to the 200th anniversary since the first publication of `Aeneid` poem by Ivan Kotliarevskyi (1769-1838), the founder of the new Ukrainian literatureT

28.10.1998100золото (Au 900)15.55252 000 шт.

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  вячеслав, 22 ноября 2018, 20:52  
царапины? пальцы? какое состояние монеты.?
  Vlad445, 3 января 2020, 15:10  
Куплю ваши монеты г Киев 0631345564 Влад (есть вайбер)

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