Coin Petro Doroshenko 10 UAH, market price 04.07.2022

Петро Дорошенко
silver (Ag 925)
1 350 грн.

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Obverse of the coin Petro Doroshenko
On the coin obverse there is the composition similar to the whole Series of coins which embodies the National idea of the Unified Ukraine: next to the small National Emblem of Ukraine, the emblematic figures of Michael the Archistrategos and crowned lion are located, which are symbols of Kyiv and L`viv Cities. Circular inscriptions are split by baroque ornamentation: УКРАЇНА, 10 ГРИВЕНЬ, 1999, (Ukraine/ 10 Hryvnia/ 1999), the designation of precious metal - Ag 925 and its weight in fineness - 31,1.
Coin reverse Petro Doroshenko
On the coin reverse in the circle made of a string of beads, there is a depiction of a riding hetman dressed in a festive military attire; on the right there is the Coat of arms of Doroshenko`s family (artist H.Narbut, 1914). There are conventionalized circular inscriptions: ПЕТРО ДОРОШЕНКО (Petro Doroshenko) and 1627-1698

Commemorative coin is dedicated to Petro Doroshenko, the outstanding hetman of the Ukrainian Cossack state

07.09.199910silver (Ag 925)31.13910 000 pc.

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  Oleg, 26 февраля 2018, 6:58  
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  topse_crets, 14 августа 2018, 8:54  
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  topse_crets, 6 января 2020, 16:28  
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