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bimetal (Ag 925 - Au 916):
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Аверс монеты Scythia
On the coin obverse in the centre of the insert ring and against the background of rye ears there is depicted of a symbolic wheel of history with a falcon sitting on it, underneath it there is depicted a snake; above and to the left there is the small National Emblem of Ukraine; within the outer ring, there are depicted a Scythian warrior with a bowl in his hand (on the left) and a Scythian queen holding a mirror (on the right), as well as the logotype of the NBU Mint and the inscriptions: УКРАЇНА / 2000 / 20 / ГРИВЕНЬ (Ukraine/ 20/ hryvnia/ 2000)
Реверс монеты Scythia
On the coin reverse within the insert ring there is a depiction of a archeological find (7th beginning of 6th centuries B.C.) a Scythian plate which decorated a female headdress; within the outer ring there are conventionalized depictions made in so-called Scythian animal style and the inscription: СКІФІЯ (Scythia)

Commemorative coin of 20 Hryvnias denomination is dedicated to a great union of Scythian cattle-breeding and settled tribes (7th century B.C. - 3d century A.D.) which inhabited the steppe and forest-step regions of today` Ukraine. The political union of Scythian tribes played important role in the life of the south-western Europe and the northern Black Sea regions

30.01.200120bimetal (Ag 925 - Au 916):14.7313 000 шт.

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  demoiselle, 25 ноября 2018, 9:56  
Почему тираж на сайте обозначен 3000шт ,а у сертификатов НБУ-2000шт? Дочеканили 1000шт?
  Администратор, 25 ноября 2018, 22:03  
Данные указаны в соответствии с официальным сайтом НБУ.
  Vlad445, 3 января 2020, 15:15  
Куплю ваши монеты г. Киев 0631345564 Влад (есть вайбер)
  Вася, 3 января 2020, 15:46  
иди в пень)
  Дмитрий, 3 января 2020, 16:38  
VladKiev, админ может пора банить таких мудаков которые регулярно засырают спамом все ветки?

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