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Літак Ан-2
silver (Ag 925)
2 417 грн.

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Аверс монеты AN-2 Aircraft
On the coin obverse in the centre of the circle made of a string of beads there is depicted the small National Emblem of Ukraine within an allegoric composition of the sun, a conventionalized wing, birds and stars that symbolize the dream of mankind to reach outer space. There are the following inscriptions:
Реверс монеты AN-2 Aircraft
On the coin reverse there is a depiction of AN-2 aircraft and circular inscriptions: above - ЛІТАКИ УКРАЇНИ (aircrafts of Ukraine); beneath - AN-2 and AN-2, between which there is AN logotype is depicted.

The coin is dedicated to the forerunner of all `AN` aircrafts, one of the heaviest and most long-lived multi-purpose aircrafts for passenger and cargo carriage. The plane made its first flight on August 31, 1947 and its serial production began at the Kyiv Aviation Plant in 1949 (now - `Aviant`).There are developed 18 modifications of the aircraft which were exported to 23 countries of the world.

22.05.200310silver (Ag 925)31.1393 000 шт.

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  Серж 1982, 6 февраля 2018, 10:09  
Тут цена не правильная !!! К ней привязалась цена (Монета Самолет Ан-225)
  Серж 1982, 6 февраля 2018, 21:05  
Вот сейчас правильно !!!

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