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Літак АН-124 `Руслан`
silver (Ag 925)
2 985 грн.

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Аверс монеты Ruslan  AN-124 Aircraft
On the coin obverse in the centre of the circle made of a string of beads there is depicted the small National Emblem of Ukraine within an allegoric composition of the sun, a conventionalized wing, birds and stars that symbolize the dream of mankind to reach outer space. There are the following inscriptions: on the silver coin - УКРАЇНА, 2005, 20, ГРИВЕНЬ, (Ukraine/ 20/ hryvnia/ 2005), as well as the designation of the metal, its fineness and its weight in fineness. There is also the Mint logotype of the National Bank of Ukraine. On the coin there is also the Mint logotype of the National Bank of Ukraine
Реверс монеты Ruslan  AN-124 Aircraft
On the coin reverse there is depicted `Ruslan` AN-124 aircraft and between the coin outer rim and the bead circle there are circular inscriptions: ЛІТАКИ УКРАЇНИ (aircrafts of Ukraine) - above; АН-124 `РУСЛАН`( Ruslan) - beneath. Between these two inscriptions there is `AН` (AN) logotype which is holographic on the silver coin.

The coin is dedicated to `Ruslan` AN-124 aircraft, the world biggest as to its size and carrying capacity, which is now in serial production and is unique as to its transport efficiency

01.06.200520silver (Ag 925)62.2505 000 шт.

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