Coin The Water Baptism 10 UAH, market price 26.11.2022

silver (Ag 925)
1 765 грн.

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Obverse of the coin The Water Baptism
On the obverse of both coins there is a composition of Ukrainian female adornments, held by doves, and a church chalice; there is the Small National Emblem of Ukraine above; the inscriptions below say: on the silver coin – НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК / УКРАЇНИ / 10 / ГРИВЕНЬ / 2006 (National Bank of Ukraine, 10 hryvnias, 2006); there is the indication of metal and its fineness – Ag 925, weight in fineness – 31.1g; on the German silver coin – НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК / УКРАЇНИ / 5 / ГРИВЕНЬ / 2006 (National Bank of Ukraine, 5 hryvnias, 2006). On the left and on the right of both coins there are conventionalized frozen twigs with snowflakes and the logo of the National Bank of Ukraine Mint.
Coin reverse The Water Baptism
On the reverse of both coins there is a multifigured composition of a prayer service over a cross-shaped ice-hole with holographic depicting of water; the bow-shaped inscription on the left says: ВОДОХРЕЩЕ (Water baptism).

The commemorative coins are dedicated to one of the important Orthodox holy days related to the Baptism of the Lord feast (observed together with the Epiphany or the Theophany) and celebrated on January 19.

18.12.200610silver (Ag 925)31.13910 000 pc.

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