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Родина Тарновських
silver (Ag 925)
1 418 грн.

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Obverse of the coin Tarnovskyi Family
Obverse: above there is the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine and semicircular legend: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine); beneath there is the coin issue year - 2010 and face value: ДЕСЯТЬ ГРИВЕНЬ (ten hryvnias); there is depicted the Tarnovskyi`s family nest, a mansion in Kachanivka, with the legend: КАЧАНІВКА/ ЧЕРНІГІВЩИНА (Kachanivka/ Chernihiv Oblast) below it.
Coin reverse Tarnovskyi Family
Reverse: there are portrayed the most celebrated family representatives: in the center against the ornamental background there is the figure of Vasyl (the younger) with his years of life 1838 - 1899 beneath it; to the left and right there are the portraits with the legends: ГРИГОРІЙ/ 1788 - 1853 (Hryhorii / 1788 - 1853) and ВАСИЛЬ/ 1810 - 1866 (Vasyl/ 1810 - 1866); above there is the family`s coat of arms and semicircular legend: РІД ТАРНОВСЬКИХ (Tarnovskyi Family).

The commemorative coin is dedicated to one of the prominent Cossack Starshyna (officership) families which became renowned for its art patronage and charity and from which famous Cossack Hetmanate figures descended: sotnyks (commanders of hundred men) and polkovnyks (colonels). A member of the family was Vasyl Tarnovskyi whose unique collection made it possible to establish the Ukrainian Antiquity Museum in the City of Chernihiv.

29.11.201010silver (Ag 925)31.13910 000 pc.

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